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Blush Clouds BGD Long.jpg
Blush Clouds BGD Long.jpg

This Whimsical stationery set of foiled geometric whale designs with corresponding envelopes is so yummy. You will receive 1 folding notecard of each design: narwhal, humpback whale, and sperm whale. Original geometric designs, and pink and gold foil accents make this a unique gift or addition to your social repertoire. Use as thank you notes, birthday notes, drop a note to say "hello" any day! Set includes corresponding slate gray point flap envelopes, printed on high quality FRENCH Paper white butcher stock. Enjoy!

Primary Material: French Paper White Butcher stock

Size: A2 stationery note cards

Pattern: Geometric foiled

Color: White

Set includes 3 card designs with corresponding envelopes.

Set of foiled Geometric Whale Notecards Stationery


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